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Unit 1

The indefinite article a / an (ΤΟ ΑΟΡΙΣΤΟ ΑΡΘΡΟ ΕΝΑς – ΜΙΑ – ένα)

Demonstratives this / that (ΔΕΙΚΤΙΚΑ ΕΠΙΘΕΤΑ – ΑΝΤΩΝΥΜΙΕς  ΑΥΤΟΣ αυτή αυτό / ΕΚΕΙΝΟΣ ΕΚΕΙΝΗ ΕΚΕΙΝΟ)

 It is / ιτ is not / ιτ isn’t / Is it? (είναι / ΔΕΝ είναι / είναι;)

Yes / No / What? / And / or (ναι / OXI / TI;/ KAI / Η)





step 1a

This is a box.

That is a hat.

It is a pencil.

This is a bird.

That is a tree.

It is a table.


step 1b

What is this?

What is that?

What is it?

What's this?

What's that?

What's it?

That's a radio.

It's a lemon.


step 1c

This is a boat.

That is a cat.

It is a chair.

That is an egg.

That's an octopus.

It's an umbrella.


step 1d

Look at this.

Look at that.

Look at it.

A dog and a cat.


step 1e

Is that an elephant?

Is this a helicopter?

Is it a lorry?

Is it a cat or a dog?

This is not an orange.

That is not a ship.

It is not a school.



step 1f

This is

That is (That's)

It is (It's)


step 1g

Is this?

Is that?

Is it?


step 1h

This is not (This isn't)

That is not (That's not - That isn't)

It is not (It's not - It isn't)